Electric. Individual. Dynamic.

An AKTIVLINE® E-Mobil fitting consists of a dynamic and individually adapted seat shell that is mounted on an electric wheelchair with front or mid-wheel drive. This enables patients to move around independently.

Product details

AKTIVLINE® E-Mobil models are mounted on an electric wheelchair and can be customized almost endlessly. They consist of a seat and backrest unit connected by physiological pivot points and a continuous or divided footrest. The seat and back unit are provided with good anatomical basic padding or with a body imprint as well as adduction guides and torso guide pads. The accessories are selected and fitted according to individual requirements. 

Key data

Individually configured dynamic seating system adapted to the user’s needs

Aluminum or carbon version (depending on size)

With vacuum body impression or anatomical padding 

The choice of power wheelchair models is varied, but must be agreed with interco in advance

Enables independent movement


AKTIVLINE® product information

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Aid number

There is currently no medical aid number for the AKTIVLINE® E-Mobil, as the GKV central association does not provide for a category -dynamic sitting-. The aid is submitted with the HMV no.:

Technical data
Standard equipment

Individually configured dynamic seating system mounted on electric wheelchair

Anatomical contouring in the seat with adduction guide

Anatomical padding in the back

Hull guide pads

Physiological pivot points in the pelvic and knee area

Basin retraction unit and system fixation at 90º

Preparation for mounting dynamic footrest systems 

Preparation for mounting headrest holder and fixation aids

Special equipment

Vacuum body impression

Individual attachment of the control unit according to patient requirements 

An extensive range of accessories is available for patients and accompanying persons.

The AKTIVLINE® E-Mobil is tailored precisely to the special needs of patients.

If you have any questions about the technical data and our options,  please contact us directly.

Caring for patients with infantile cerebral palsy and similar indications is a challenging task. Your personal specialist advisor on site will be happy to support you in designing an individual solution for the patient’s personal needs. 

If you have any further questions about dynamic sitting and AKTIVLINE®please contact us directly.

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