Small. Light. Robust.

The compact and lightweight SKIPPY® therapy chair sets new standards in handling, functionality and robustness. As a modular seating system, SKIPPY® consists of a seating unit and an indoor subframe permanently connected to it. The seat shell can be adjusted while the patient is sitting in it.

Product details

The innovative SKIPPY® therapy chair is designed for indoor use. It is ideal for small patients weighing up to 25 kg who have difficulty assuming or maintaining a sitting position due to functional and/or structural damage to their trunk. These include neurological and neuromuscular diseases and deformities of the spine. SKIPPY® is characterized by its modern design, its dynamically movable backrest and the simple adjustment options during use.

New design, high-quality materials

SKIPPY® consists of a seat and backrest unit and a base frame with smooth-running castors, which offers optimum freedom of movement indoors. The seat and backrest unit is made of lightweight aluminum and equipped with anatomical basic padding. This ensures long-term, pain-free sitting in a physiological posture. The removable and washable covers are available in different colors and feature SKIPPY® lettering in the same color as the base frame.

Dynamic, adjustable backrest

Thanks to its dynamic backrest, the SKIPPY® therapy chair is also particularly suitable for patients with involuntary stretching movements. The backrest is connected to the seat shell via physiological pivot points. It gives way during sudden stretching movements and thus absorbs the patient’s energy. After stretching, the patient is returned to an upright position. The backrest can be fixed if required. The angle of the backrest can be tilted up to 30° for an easy reclining position. Adopting such a relaxed position saves strength and maintains attention to head and trunk control.

Simple, individual customization

The seat and back unit of the SKIPPY® therapy chair can be perfectly adapted to the patient’s needs. Back extension, seat depth and seat width are infinitely adjustable, as is the integrated abduction. The height and width of the hull guide pads can be variably adjusted. The seat angle and seat height are easily adjusted using a gas pressure spring. The individual adjustment options stabilize the torso and contribute to corrected and relieving sitting. They also allow the therapy chair to be used for a long time, even if the patient’s needs change. Particularly convenient: all settings can be made while the patient is sitting in the therapy chair.

Flexible and reusable 

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, the standardized SKIPPY® therapy chair can be equipped to suit the patient. These include fixation aids, headrests, armrests, footrests and therapy tables in various designs as well as removable covers and wetness protection. This flexibility and the high degree of standardization also allow SKIPPY® to be reused for different patients.

Key data

Adjusting the seat shell while the patient is sitting in it

Adjustable seat tilt

Seat height adjustable from play height to table height (not edged)

75 mm smooth-running castors with brakes

Available in size 1 and 2

Angle-adjustable push handle

Removable footrest system

Removable abduction wedge


Product information SKIPPY®

Instructions for use SKIPPY®

Order form ERGOLINE SKIPPY® (password protected)

The SKIPPY® seating system is currently in the process of being registered in the list of medical aids of the GKV Spitzenverband (central interest group of the statutory health and long-term care insurance funds in Germany). 

The assumption of costs is not excluded. If indicated, we have had good to very good experience with many of the leading health insurance companies. 

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.  

Further information on the GKV Spitzenverband and the aid number can also be found here:

GKV Spitzenverband

List of aids 

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Medical requirements
Technical data

The SKIPPY® therapy chair is suitable for patients who, due to functional or structural damage to the trunk or trunk and neck muscles, can only sit in an impaired position and with poor posture. SKIPPY® can also be used very well in developmental phases, especially in infancy, when more frequent adjustment of the seating aid is necessary due to growth spurts in order to achieve the most physiological sitting position and a stable seat. SKIPPY® is also suitable as an alternative if the patient cannot sit on standard seating furniture for long periods of time, but no seat shell is required. 

Therapy chairs are used, for example, for

Neurological diseases

Neuromuscular diseases

Deformities of the spine

The system consists of an aluminum base frame and several aluminum shell segments. It is available in two different sizes. 

The basic equipment includes

Integrated abduction and wind deflection, adjustable

Dynamic backrest, infinitely adjustable and lockable

Back extension, infinitely adjustable

Seat depth extension, infinitely adjustable

Seat width adjustment, infinitely variable

Hull guide pads, infinitely adjustable

Thigh guide

Basin guide

Seat height and seat angle adjustment via gas pressure spring

75 mm smooth-running castors with brakes

Removable/washable cover in various colors and SKIPPY® lettering in base frame color

Continuous or split footrest system

SKIPPY® options

Headrest system



Fixation aids

Double steering rollers

Adjustable push handle

Therapy table

Please note: SKIPPY® is not suitable for transporting patients in motor vehicles.

Size 1 Size 2
Complete weight 20 kg 25 kg
Maximum load 20 kg 25 kg
Maximum total width of outer seat shell (without armrests) 28 – 35 cm 35 – 42 cm
Abduction angle -10° – +20° -10° – +20°
Backrest angle adjustment -10° – +30° -10° – +30°
Seat width 20 – 27 cm 27 – 34 cm
Seat depth 20 – 27 cm 27 – 34 cm
Back height 30 – 37 cm 37 – 44 cm
Height of hull guides from seat cushion 23 – 28 cm 30 – 35 cm
Width between hull guides 12 – 19 cm 19 – 26 cm
Seat tilt Up to 30° Up to 30°
Total width 52 cm 52 cm
Total length Max. 80 cm Max. 80 cm
Seat height (without footrest) 30 – 70 cm 30 – 70 cm
Overall height (without headrest) 60 – 100 cm 60 – 100 cm

Caring for people with severe multiple disabilities is a complex and responsible task. Your interco consultant will be happy to help you design a customized seating solution for your customers.

For all our seating systems, we guarantee the procurement of spare parts and new adaptations for years.

If you have any further questions about our seating solutions, please contact us directly.

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