Small. Light. Foldable.

MINY® is the smallest underframe on the market. It can be combined with standardized and custom-made seating systems and used as the basis for an active wheelchair. The slightly abducted aluminium frame enables an optimized riding position. Thanks to the foldable backrest, MINY® also fits easily into smaller cars.

Product details

The MINY® Outdoor base frame has a four-way adjustable holder for interco harness adapters. All interco seating systems can be fitted quickly and easily. A small, lightweight active wheelchair is created from a fixed anatomical seat-back unit in combination with the MINY® base with 20˝, 22˝ or 24˝ wheels.

An innovative anti-tip system with integrated tipping aid increases safety and makes MINY® easier to handle. The anti-tip system can be conveniently retracted under the wheelchair.

For a physiologically optimal sitting position, the seat shell in the MINY® base frame can be tilted by around 35° using a gas pressure spring. The angle of the back unit is also easily adjustable. Thanks to the adjustable seat height and depth, the system can be optimally adapted to individual requirements. 

Safe transportation in the car

The product combinations MINY® base frame with MAGICLIGHT®, MAGICLINE® or ORTHOLIGHT® seating systems in conjunction with a power node system have been successfully tested in accordance with ISO 7176-19 and ISO 10542-2. This makes them suitable for transporting patients in a vehicle in conjunction with a power knot system if the vehicle is equipped with an appropriate attachment device.

Key data

Outdoor base frame in three sizes

Suitable for standardized and custom-made seating systems

Innovative anti-tip system including tipping aid

Ideal as a base for lightweight active wheelchair

Seat tilt for orthopaedically correct sitting position

Suitable for patient transport in a vehicle


Product information Outdoor MINY®

Instructions for use Outdoor MINY®

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The Outdoor MINY® seating system is currently in the registration process for inclusion in the list of medical aids of the GKV Spitzenverband (central interest group of the statutory health and long-term care insurance funds in Germany). 

The assumption of costs is not excluded. If indicated, we have had good to very good experience with many of the leading health insurance companies. 

If you have any questions about this, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.  

Further information on the GKV Spitzenverband and the aid number can also be found here:

GKV Spitzenverband

List of aids 

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Technical data
Standard equipment

Aluminum base frame in slightly abducted design

Seat tilt by around 35° via gas pressure spring

Trapeze adapter mount for easy installation of interco seat shells (MAGICLIGHT®, MAGICLINE®, ORTHOLIGHT® and ERGOLINE® Passive)

Innovative anti-tip system

Alternative mounting unit for anatomical seat-back unit

Smooth-running wheels (20˝, 22˝ or 24˝) with aluminum handrims

Drive wheels (12˝, 16˝, 20˝, 22˝ or 24˝)

Drive wheels (12˝, 16˝, 22˝ or 24˝), standard or as smooth-running wheels with aluminum handrims

Pneumatic tires or puncture-proof tires

Standard steering wheels in various dimensions

Individual color selection from the entire RAL range

Adjustable seat height and seat depth

Backrest adjustable in depth and angle

Special equipment

Footrest system with height and angle-adjustable footplate

Foot plate can be folded up to the rear, with anti-slip coating

Drum brake wheels with parking handle

Headrest systems

Special push rim covers

Spoke protectors

Knee lever brake system

Integrated side panels for clothing protection

Split push handle, height/angle adjustable

Profile wheels with integrated handrim

Single push handles

Further options in preparation

Further standard accessories can be found in the order form (password-protected)

Individual custom-made products on request

Weight incl. Wheels in the basic configuration (without armrests, headrest, footrest) approx. 11.9 kg approx. 12.9 kg approx. 13.9 kg
Seat width 30 cm 35 cm 40 cm
Seat depth adapter min. – max. 23 – 30 cm 23 – 30 cm 23 – 30 cm
Overall width over all (+ camber) 50 cm (+ 5 cm) 55 cm (+ 5 cm) 60 cm (+ 5 cm)
Length max. without push handle (24″ wheels) 75 cm (78 cm) 75 cm (78 cm) 75 cm (78 cm)
Height to top of adapter plate min. – max. 40 – 45 cm 40 – 45 cm 40 – 45 cm
Height of push handle min. – max. 94 – 105 cm 94 – 105 cm 94 – 105 cm
Maximum load 60 kg 60 kg 60 kg

Caring for people with severe multiple disabilities is a complex and responsible task. Your interco consultant will be happy to help you design a customized seating solution for your customers.

For all our seating systems, we guarantee the procurement of spare parts and new adaptations for years.

If you have any further questions about our seating solutions, please contact us directly.

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