How to measure correctly


How to measure correctly!

In order to select an optimal demo supply, we need some key data that you can determine yourself in just a few steps. You will need a folding rule, possibly a book and something to write with. Please follow the instructions:

1 Seat width

  • Sit the patient on a chair or in the current wheelchair and measure the widest part of the pelvis (trochanter).
  • This is particularly easy if you place a book to the right and left of your thighs or use your hands as a boundary and take the measurement between them.
  • Please add 2 cm to the measurement you have taken.

2 Back height

  • The backrest height is the measurement from the seat shell or seat cushion to the upper edge of the shoulder girdle.
  • To measure, simply put the folding rule behind your back and place a book on your shoulder or use your hand to mark the boundary. Make sure that the patient is sitting as straight as possible.
  • You can then simply read off the measurement from the bottom edge of the book.

3 Seat depth

  • The seat depth is the full thigh length, measured from the back to the hollow of the knee.
  • When seated, you can simply place the folding rule in the seat or slide it in and read off the measurement.
  • Subtract 10% from the measurement.